3 Proven Ways to Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online, people often want to discover the fastest and easiest method that will work for them. In their search they can end up confused. 

I just did a Google search for the term how to make money online and found that there were 560 Million results!

How is a person supposed to wade through all that information and make a decision?

It’s time to go from confusion to clarity. To keep things simple and fun. 

My number one piece of advice

Whatever you choose to do to make money online, make sure it's something you enjoy. 

The last thing you need to do is to have another job after you come home from your present job and have to face doing even more “work” that you don't really enjoy.

Today I'd like to share with you three proven ways to make money online. 

A good starting point would be to review each one of them and think about which one sounds like more fun to you. Then begin investigating opportunities in that area. 

This will save you time and help you begin to make money online much faster. 

You can thank me later! 🙂

Method 1 - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to make money online because all you do is promote products you love and cash the checks.

When you're an affiliate marketer it means that you basically promote products created by and supported by other people and then you get paid when sales get made.

The advantages to you with affiliate marketing are:

  • You don't have to create any products, 
  • Or do any customer support, 
  • Or collect any money directly
  • Or pay all those fees and taxes, and … 
  • Even more things that a product owner has to do.

Affiliate marketing also allows you to focus on those few things you really need to succeed online. 

Things like driving traffic, finding the best possible sources for advertising, and analyzing your results will be your main occupation. 

So how can you get started with affiliate marketing?

After you’ve chosen a niche where you will focus your work, begin to think about the products you use now that work well for you. 

If you own a product, from teaching courses to things like autoresponders, and are happy with that product, the odds are that others will be happy with that product too. 

Do your research to find out how to become an affiliate for the product and be sure the commissions and payment terms really will make the work worth the effort! 

We’ll look at other aspects of affiliate marketing in later articles. 

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Method 2 - Coaching and Consulting

If you are like me, when you see the term “coach” or “consultant” your brain screams “but I’m not an expert!”

The good news is this - you don’t need to be an expert to be a coach. 

What you DO need is to know more than your student knows. To be able to help him or her take the next step in their journey to success. 

Getting started is easy and fun!

Make a list of the things you know how to do that you really enjoy. After all, why be a coach if you have to teach things you don’t enjoy, right?

When you make your list, be sure to not shortchange yourself. 

Here’s what I mean. When most people make their list, they discount the value of simple things like playing golf really well or being good with kids. 

These “little” things have a big value in the marketplace. 

Now that you have your list, prioritize it by the amount of knowledge or experience that you have in that area. 

If you are fairly good at sewing but very good at restoring antique furniture, be sure to give restoring antiques a higher value. 

Now you have your list, and it is prioritized. 

What do you do now?

Go to Google and find out if anyone is selling information, or products, in the area you ranked highest. 

Let’s say that restoring antique furniture is your thing. 

Did you know there are 11 million sites about restoring antique furniture? And there are thousands of products to help people in the process of restoring antique furniture?

If you love restoring antique furniture you could create an information product about your process. You could share all the little tips and tricks you have learned over the years. 

You could recommend the best tools to get the job done, maybe even as an affiliate marketer!

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Method 3 - E-Commerce

Online e-commerce sales now total up to 446.8 billion dollars a year. That’s huge! And it means that all you need is a tiny slice of such a huge pie. 

But how do you compete with sites like Amazon and Wal-Mart?

The answer is simple - you don’t compete with them at all! 

In fact, you cooperate with them!

You see, you can sell their products just like they do by having an e-commerce store of your own! 

The good news is that you do not need to be a “techie” or even have any programming skills. 

Sites like Shopify now make it easy to promote a wide range of physical products from top sellers across the world. 

And best of all, your part is to promote your own e-commerce site while they make the sales, ship the products, and handle all customer support!

The best way to get started is to take a free course on e-commerce selling. 

Sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Udemy are chocked full of courses you can take that will get you up to speed in no time at all.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money online that are fun, profitable, and will suit you. 

The real “secret” is to find something you enjoy and learn ways to

  • Help others enjoy it as well, 
  • Make it easier for them, 
  • Teach them about it, 
  • Sell them tools that will help them.

Then over time you will see the money start flowing in. 

When you do that, you will have found your niche, your passion, and a way to say goodbye to your day job forever.

Until we talk again.....

Paul Fana

My name is Paul. I am an entrepreneur specialized in online digital marketing. I love to help people to succeed in making full time income working online, and prove to them that it is possible if you are committed to it.

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