Affiliate Marketing Step by Step – Overview

A great way to start your online business is to be an affiliate marketer. Today we want to look at affiliate marketing step by step to give you a sense of what it is and how it works. 

Step 1: What is Affiliate Marketing 

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Today we are going to take a close look at what affiliate marketing is and how it works. Then you can see how it can work for you! 

Being an affiliate online simply means that you sell someone else’s product and then earn a commission.

In the offline world selling means hard work!

Talking to people either on the phone or in person and convincing them to buy what you are selling so that you can make a commission.

Online selling as an affiliate is nothing like that! 

Step 2: How does Affiliate Marketing Work? 

You do offer other people’s products for sale and when people buy them you get paid a commission!

You don’t have to call on prospects in person or on the phone and talk them into buying anything! And this is the really great part…

In the world of online marketing the product owner is the one who does the selling of his product.

He creates a sales funnel which may have several parts all designed to sell the prospect. In this case, YOUR prospect and you make the commission! That’s a great deal. 

The product owner also creates the product itself and does all the customer service after the sale. 

So, as an affiliate you literally are sending traffic (prospects) to a particular URL - that contains your affiliate link - and every person who buys is credited to you as an affiliate. This way you get paid the commission on whatever schedule that product owner has set up. To find the traffic you need take a look at this

Then your job is done. You just collect your commission checks and send more prospects to your affiliate link so the process can happen over again. 

What are the limits to Affiliate Marketing!

There are so many opportunities to sell as an affiliate that it seems like there are no limits! Of course, there are always some limits of time and money, but you certainly have a real chance to grow your sales as you learn more and more about how to best succeed in Affiliate Marketing. 

The other great thing is that you can offer as many products as you like. There are thousands of products in any given niche that pay affiliate commissions to people who promote their products. 

Some affiliates offer products in many niches and grow their business by offering many products, across many niches to different audiences. If you have experience as a successful affiliate, that can work to super charge your affiliate marketing business. 

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Start Smart!

We recommend you pick one niche to start. It should be something that you have an interest in and that is shown to have a large audience who wants to buy things. 

After you start making money selling affiliate products in one niche and you have your system working well, then you can always choose a second niche and expand what you offer as an affiliate, building on the experience you gained in your main niche.  

Trying to start out by offering several products across more than one niche would make it much more difficult to succeed long term. 

So take affiliate marketing step by step and you will have the best possible chance to really succeed! Until next time... 

Paul Fana

My name is Paul. I am an entrepreneur specialized in online digital marketing. I love to help people to succeed in making full time income working online, and prove to them that it is possible if you are committed to it.

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