Driving Traffic Create Your Traffic Strategy Part 1

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Driving traffic is a common phrase to express this idea of getting many visitors to come to your website or landing page. 

Websites try to maximize traffic to gain exposure. 

To be effective when driving traffic to your website, you need a traffic strategy.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need a few traffic generation strategies and you need to apply them consistently.

Today we’ll look at four of the most common traffic strategies used to bring visitors to websites. In another post we’ll explore a few more of these traffic strategies. 

These are the most common because they’re effective and easy to implement.

Many of these strategies are free or very inexpensive to put into action.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, refers to a variety of things you do both on and off your website to attract search engines. 

This strategy is important because search engines like Google don’t just randomly find websites. 

SEO helps Google know that your website exists so that it can index your site quicker and start sending you the appropriate traffic. 

Driving traffic using SEO is a worthwhile skill to develop because then you have Google sending visitors to your site 24 hrs a day, and 7 days a week.

SEO also tells the search engines what your site is about. It uses ‘keywords’ to do this.

You choose specific words and phrases that relate to your niche and then use them in your site content.

Content Marketing

Content is anything you read, watch, or otherwise consume online. 

It includes articles, blog posts, videos, audios, presentations, images, and even social media updates.

Content marketing is a traffic building strategy where you produce content and post it in various places on the Internet. 

From an SEO perspective, your content has a link back to your site.

People enjoy your content and then click on the link to see what else you have to offer.

In addition to traffic and SEO benefits, content also helps you to build an audience. 

You become branded as an authority in your niche.

This helps to build trust with your audience, which makes them loyal fans and repeat visitors.

Much like creating the right basic SEO on your website. Using content marketing well can be a very effective method of driving traffic round the clock and many times for years into the future.

Another way to use content marketing is to advertise in niche specific targeted ezines or electronic magazines or newsletters. These publications send out niche targeted content to lists of interested subscribers. Find out more about using content marketing by advertising in ezines click here.  

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a powerful way to build a relationship with your audience and a good method of driving traffic to your site. 

Email marketing is so effective because it’s personal.

Your messages are coming right into your recipients’ email inboxes.

You can drive traffic through your email list by sending your subscribers links to your site where you offer new content or valuable promotions.

Since these visitors are also your subscribers, the chance that they will take an action and convert while on your website by signing up for a lead magnet or making a purchase or taking any action you want them to take is much higher than any new visitor to your site. 

This is simply because they chose to subscribe to your email list and they are interested in what you have to offer. 

To learn about another effective method of email marketing by using other people's lists click here

Social Media 

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular with every demographic and especially effective when it comes to driving traffic. 

It seems everyone is on social media and they use it to find information online. 

These sites provide an excellent traffic opportunity.

People use these sites to connect with friends and make new friends, but they’re increasingly using them for other reasons as well. 

Social Media users read the news, play games, shop, promote social causes, and much more while they are on social media platforms.

One of the things social media users love to do is connect with their favorite brands and companies through social media. 

This is another channel where you can reach your target audience with helpful tips and news. 

In addition to driving traffic, social media is great for relationship building.

Using one or more of these methods of driving traffic are excellent parts of any  traffic strategy. Take some time and investigate these methods. Then evaluate which ones will be important parts of your traffic strategy. 

Learn to implement a few of them on a regular basis and you will be well on your way to driving loads of traffic to your landing pages and websites! 

Paul Fana

My name is Paul. I am an entrepreneur specialized in online digital marketing. I love to help people to succeed in making full time income working online, and prove to them that it is possible if you are committed to it.

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