Driving Traffic – Create Your Traffic Strategy – Part 2

In our last post we looked at several methods of driving traffic to your website that are commonly used and very effective. 

If you haven’t read that post yet just click here to see these four common methods for driving traffic successfully!

Today we’ll look at four more effective, and tested ways of driving traffic to any website. 

Remember it’s not necessary to use all 8 methods. What’s important is that you: 

  • Evaluate which methods will likely work for you
  • Learn how to use those methods of driving traffic
  • Then consistently apply those methods to your website 
  • Evaluate your success and work to improve it. 

Here are today's four methods of driving traffic to any website: 


Advertising is different from the other methods outlined here in a few major ways. 

First of all, it usually involves paying, whereas these other traffic methods are, for the most part, free. 

However, it should be noted that online advertising can be very inexpensive compared to traditional print or television advertising.

The other major difference is the flow in which advertising drives traffic. 

The other methods outlined here build slow and steady traffic. 

You begin putting the method to use and the traffic trickles in and gradually builds. 

Advertising, on the other hand, gets you a quick jolt of traffic that stops once you stop running your ads.

If done right, you can sustain these quick jolts of traffic that advertising provides. 

It works well with other methods. For example, you can run an ad campaign for your email sign-up page.

Also, most social media sites offer their own advertising methods within the network.

Click here to learn about great ways to drive traffic using paid advertising in niche specific ezines or electronic magazines or newsletters. 


Promotions and giveaways are great for traffic generation. 

A promotion or giveaway offers people a clear and compelling reason to visit your site. 

It’s human nature – we all want to win stuff or get stuff for free.

Ideally, visitors come for the freebie, but stay for the wonderful content you provide. 

Like advertising, this method brings you a quick jolt of traffic. 

But if your content doesn’t deliver or if there isn’t another compelling reason to visit again, that traffic will stop.

There is a way to capitalize on promotion or advertising traffic and turn it into returning traffic in many cases.

You can set up your promotion or give away so that you deliver the free gift via email so the visitor gives you their email address to receive entry to the contest or the free gift you are offering. 

Once they have signed up on your list, you now have permission to email that subscriber with more great content and free gifts, and along the way offer them products to buy. 

This is highly effective and a win-win driving traffic method. Every time you email your list of subscribers you are driving traffic from your previous advertising campaigns back to your website. 

Promotions and giveaways can also be used for your regular fans and customers. You can offer something as a way of saying thanks.

Over time this is highly effective because it has been shown over and over again that people need to see an offer or idea seven times on average before they decide to buy. 

Anytime you offer a free gift to a visitor or customer, be sure to insert an offer to buy a related product at some point along the way. 


Affiliate marketing is an online business model in which you reward other people for promoting and/or selling your products or services.

The most common model of affiliate marketing is one where you allow independent sales people to sell your products or services for you. 

They create websites and marketing materials to lead traffic back to your site. 

You give your affiliates a sales commission for their efforts, or some other form of compensation. 

The result for you is traffic with little effort on your part.

Many affiliate marketing models are run on a cost per action basis. 

You pay the affiliate a commission when they perform a certain action, such as sending traffic to your site. 

In this way, it’s something like advertising.

The most common commission model is even better in that you pay the affiliate a commission only when a product is sold. 

The affiliate drives traffic and their affiliate id is attached to that visitor so that if that person buys from you within a certain time frame, the affiliate receives a preset commission. 

The beauty in this case is that you only pay commission when a product is sold. So it makes your marketing dollars very productive!

Upgrading to Article Syndication

Writing blogs and articles for traffic is a simple method that’s not hard to do.

But if you really want to drive a great deal of traffic with your content, you should consider true article syndication. 

This is the online version of the offline publishing method. 

You have to contact publishers and submit pieces to them.

One example of this is getting published in an e-zine or on a niche blog.

E-zines are online magazines. A good e-zine has a loyal readership and functions essentially as the online version of a print magazine. 

It’s hard to get published in an e-zine, but e-zines have loyal audiences who are more likely to take you seriously than a casual visitor to any site.

Contact publisher’s of ezines and blogs and learn what their requirements for publication are. Click here to learn a great way to contact ezine publishers.

Follow their rules and work on your article to be sure its excellent and meets their rules exactly. 

If you make your article or blog post so good they can’t resist it, then even if it takes some time you can build a relationship where they will be willing to publish your content over and over again. 

At that point, you have created a regular source of great traffic with no hard cost to your wallet! 

Until next time...

Paul Fana

My name is Paul. I am an entrepreneur specialized in online digital marketing. I love to help people to succeed in making full time income working online, and prove to them that it is possible if you are committed to it.

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