Driving Traffic With Social Media Part 2

In a quick count today, I found well over 60 different popular social media sites and each is custom-tailored to a different demographic.

If I had invested more than five minutes it’s very likely I would have found many more.

Driving traffic using even a few of these social media sites can be very effective and cost efficient.

In my last post, Driving Traffic Through Social Media Part 1, we took a look at using Facebook and Pinterest for building interest and engaging your target audience.

Today we’ll look at Instagram and then I’ll share a few ideas and tips for driving traffic from social media.


Instagram is a great platform for visual content, and you can get a lot of traffic from it, especially if your business is related to fashion, beauty, art, lifestyle, food and cooking, crafts, or other topics that are popular.

You can get a good indication of what’s popular on Instagram by opening the app and clicking the search icon, searching for a term related to your niche, and then clicking “Tags”. This will show you how many posts are currently on the site using that phrase, as well as lots of related phrases.

For example, when I search for “dogs”, I see millions of posts with such hashtags as #dogsofinstagram, #dogs, #dogstagram, and #dogsitting.

You can also click the “People” tab and click some of the top profiles to see how many followers they have. This is another good indicator of interest in your topic.

There are three important steps to getting traffic from Instagram:

Fill out your profile and include a link to your website or squeeze page there. Make sure to choose an interesting photo of either yourself or something related to your niche for your profile picture. And include that link because you can’t include links in the descriptions of your individual posts! (Just tell people to check your profile for a link.)

Post often. Instagram posts scroll by and are gone quickly if someone is following a lot of profiles, so the best way to get seen is to post as often as possible. 

Don’t spam! Just a few posts a day is fine, but spread them out every few hours. And don’t forget to add at least 5 relevant hashtags to every post!

Follow people who are related to your niche. Many will follow you back, and others will find and follow you from those people’s profiles.

It’s a good idea to follow at least 20 new accounts each day, which you can find easily through the search function and referrals from other people. Stick mostly to following accounts related to your niche, because you want qualified leads, not just a high follower count!

Another way to find great sources of targeted audiences is by using ezines! Find out how to reach audiences who are interested in your niche here!

Other Social Networks

When it comes to other larger social media sites, Linked In is great for reaching business people and Twitter is very popular with young people. 

Also, look for niche-specific sites. 

There are new, smaller social media sites appearing on the scene recently that are tightly targeted to particular interests.

As a marketer this is great news for you. 

In any type of push marketing, where you are reaching out to your prospect trying to engage them and connect with them, the tighter the target the better. 

So depending on your product line, looking at the smaller niche social media sites could be well worth the effort. 

One Important Tip: 

Start with ONE social media site!

That may sound obvious to you. How could you start with more than one site? 

What I mean is to pick the social media site that looks to you like the best fit for your market and take the time to learn to use it. 

Social Media sites have some things in common. For example, they all accept posts, you will build followers on each social media site, etc., so learning one will help you learn others. 

When it comes to the details however, of how to post and how to advertise, there will be differences.  

Trying to learn the details of using and marketing on more than one social media site at a time could be confusing and hurt your long term results. 

Establish your routine on one social media site. Then you will be comfortable posting, following, engaging your audience, driving traffic to your site through possibly boosting your posts or buying ads, then when you approach another social media site the learning curve will be much easier and your results will come more quickly. 

For most people because of its sheer size Facebook will be the logical place to start. 

Fill out your profile completely and remember to include your link!

Try to use keywords in your profile content because search engines index social media sites.

Also, it’s a good idea to make your profile public so that anyone can connect with you.

Do your best to learn the basics of posting and getting your posts seen by the most people. 

On social media there is an art to getting your posts seen. Its only worth posting if people will see your posts! 

Find out another great way to get interested people looking at your offer by checking this out!

Stay with it!

Social Media can be very profitable for any online business. So do something every day.

Learn what works and what doesn’t by trying new things and keeping great notes. Then keep on working with social media to grow your online presence. 

Very soon you will start seeing traffic coming to your offers and your site and that will pay off! 

Until next time… 

Paul Fana

My name is Paul. I am an entrepreneur specialized in online digital marketing. I love to help people to succeed in making full time income working online, and prove to them that it is possible if you are committed to it.

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